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Start by understanding the basis of physical development within Momentum's own six principle process. These principles will teach you how to organize your physical development and train yourself for life leveraging irrevocable laws of movement.

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Posture Power Flow Instruction and Classes

Our talented instructors work with everyone from seasoned yogis to first-timers to improve strength, poise, balance, flexibility and endurance. Momentum’s approach to yoga-based Posture Power Flow is far more than a physical pursuit. We’ve seen the benefits of these exercises to creativity, memory, and stress management.

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Small-Group Personal Training

Small group is how we are able to funnel our 1 on 1 customers into long term training scenarios once they have a confident grasp of our principles, body awareness, pelvic tilt, dexterity of the fingers, proprioception of the ankles and how their body moves properly in space and time. This option makes training affordable for those who cannot afford 1 on 1 training long term.

Join Momentum. Here’s how to get started.


Functional Movement Screening.


Create the strategy that best aligns with your budget and strategical objective.


Start your introduction to lifestyle change. Introduction of the principles, establish body awareness, scapula protraction & retraction and slowly implementing progressive overload.

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See Our 5-Star Member Reviews

Momentum Fitness members have shared their experience time and again with top ratings on Google. Read them, and you’ll see why classes and personal training at Momentum are the best in Arlington.

Adam Whitney
Adam Whitney
I started working with Chase in October of 2022. He put a workout plan together to help rehab my injured shoulder while putting on muscle. He put together a meal plan that was easy to follow and achieve my goals. I highly recommend Chase and momentum fitness!!
Mason Docken
Mason Docken
Great environment! The gym is more personal and they have just about every machine you could think of. From my experiences, all the staff is friendly and personable and the environment feels friendly and welcome to all. The trainers are great as well and have affordable payment options. This gym is perfect if you’re looking to enhance your athletic performance.
Christopher Hamm
Christopher Hamm
Momentum Fitness is top notch! Chase truly cares about his clients and I highly recommend contacting him right away if you’re ready to take command of your life!
Reece Calderon
Reece Calderon
Momentum Fitness is a game changer. Every time I walk into the facility, I am greeted with warmth and professionalism that set the tone for my entire experience. Chase is exceptionally skilled in crafting a personalized program tailored to my unique goals and limitations. Chase and his team are always patient, motivating, and focused on ensuring that I reach my goals in and outside of the gym. What truly sets Momentum Fitness apart is the strong sense of community and camaraderie among members and trainers. This supportive environment has made me look forward to every session and has helped me stay committed to my fitness journey. I would highly recommend Momentum Fitness to anyone looking for exceptional personal training in a welcoming and motivating atmosphere. Their commitment to client success, knowledgeable staff, and top-notch facility have truly made a difference in my life!
Madison Whitney
Madison Whitney
Momentum has been hands down the best choice I’ve made to train at! Their trainers and team are exceptional, VERY friendly and take an interest in you no matter what fitness level you are at! I have always struggled with consistency, but the amount of encouragement from this staff has helped push me closer to my dream goal! I have looked and felt better than I have ever looked and felt before. And my confidence is coming back. The overall vibe is great, it makes me actually want to workout and I have had nothing but great experiences and it is a completely clean gym! I look forward to walking into the doors and always feel amazing when I leave. I 100% definitely recommend momentum to my friends and family. You will not regret it!
mike grogan
mike grogan
I started training with Chase at age 59. I weighed 191 pounds when I started. In 3.5 months I was down to 167 pounds which is what I weighed in college. He opened my eyes to proper hydration, diet ,and how to be a conscious eater. We trained hard but safely and he helped me rehab my left shoulder. I was very close to haveing surgery on the shoulder but over time and proper form while lifting, I no longer have problems with the shoulder. Ultimately I was able to get cut and lean and got as low as 158 pounds temporarily. That was amazing. My body looked like a super fit 20 year old. By then I was 60. After getting that cut I began building muscle and more flexability. Since I'm not a competitor in body building, 158 was not a reasonable weight to be at on an every day basis. I purposely gained weight by adding more muscle mass. I now consider my every day healthy weight to be 168 -172 pounds. Because of Chase's guidance, I have a diciplined life style. I still enjoy good quality food and a glass of red wine while maintaing healthy weight. I'm now 64 and I weigh 175. But summer is coming and I'll be in the mid 160's soon enough. Thank you Chase for helping me become a better me.
Dustin Hillman
Dustin Hillman
True professionals in the industry! After many years of football and weightlifting, they tailored a perfect plan in strength based rehab. Feeling good and moving well! Thank you Chase and team!
Mallie Mize
Mallie Mize
It was such an honor to train with David for the past year and a month! The motivation was amazing and I left feeling like a new person every time I went there!!
alexia cartusciello
alexia cartusciello
I would highly recommend this gym!, I started training with Jordan 9 months ago and I feel fitter , stronger and more confident. He is very professional you get in and get your workout done. Clean nice equipment .And I also love the yoga classes ????
Perla De La Fuente
Perla De La Fuente
Training at momentum is the best choice I have ever made. It it’s truly the #1 gym in all of DFW. The gym is impeccably clean and has an amazing energy from the second you walk in. I have trained with Chase for 5 years and not once have I suffered an injury or has he made me starve myself to reach my goals. He knows how to motivate and somehow bring out the best in everyone!
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