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Darla Bergner

Darla Bergner, Owner-Operator & Yoga Instructor


Owner-Operator & Yoga Instructor

Darla Bergner, our esteemed head yoga instructor and owner-operator, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our training facility . With certifications in Vinyasa and Baptiste yoga, she has been a driving force in our community for the past seven years. Darla’s passion for yoga is evident in her engaging and transformative classes, where she seamlessly blends mindfulness and physicality.

Her journey into the world of yoga began years ago, and since then, she has dedicated herself to deepening her practice and guiding others on their own paths. Students praise Darla’s warm and nurturing approach, creating a supportive environment for growth and self-discovery.

Beyond her exceptional teaching skills, Darla’s leadership as the studio’s owner-operator has been instrumental in fostering a welcoming and inclusive space. Her commitment to fostering a sense of belonging has attracted a diverse and dedicated community and culture.¬†

We are incredibly grateful to have Darla Bergner leading our yoga studio, guiding us all on a journey of wellness. Her passion, dedication, and expertise are the pillars that make our training facility  a thriving and harmonious sanctuary for all who enter.

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