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Chase Bergner

Chase Bergner, Owner and CEO


Owner & CEO

  • IFBB Professional Bodybuilding Champion
  • Published Cover Model
  • Founder, Pothos Nourishment & Lifestyle
  • 13 Years Experience
  • NFPT Certified Master Personal Trainer
  • TRX Certified Master Trainer
  • P.R. certified
  • Cowtown Executive Association Member

Chase’s beginning in the field of physical fitness started with his involvement in sports. From a young age, he excelled in martial arts. He earned his black belt at age 13, under the great Grandmaster Roy Kurban. By age 15 he had won state championships and achieved a national ranking.

The next step was to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. However, before taking advantage of this great opportunity, Chase’s life started to unravel, and he lost his discipline and desire to train. The trauma he had gone through as an adolescent and the breakup of his family through divorce started to really impact his functioning and behavior. Without the structure of martial arts, he began doing poorly in school and started hanging around with the wrong crowd. He was partying, getting into fights and floating through life with no sense of direction. By age 16 he’d been kicked out of every school he attended and ended up in a juvenile detention center.

While in the detention center, Chase experienced the tough consequences of his poor decisions. He was constantly threatened, bullied and beaten up. He was targeted partly for being small and appearing weak—at 150 pounds, he was outsized by the other youth, who seemed to Chase like grown adults. Paralyzed with fear and feelings of helplessness, he found it difficult to defend himself utilizing his martial arts skills.

It was in this place of adversity that he made the decision he would not be a victim. This was where Chase was going to become strong, and become a leader. Thus his quest began to build his strength as a means to effectively defend himself. Every day as he did pushups, pullups, sit-ups, and squats, he would envision himself as stronger, bigger, faster, and more powerful.

When he was released from the detention center, he was able to return to a charter school and earn his high school diploma. From that point on, he knew his life’s purpose: to teach others the same discipline that allowed him to go from powerless to powerful, from recklessness to discipline. Seventeen years later, he’d gone from a 150-pound juvenile delinquent to a 230-pound professional bodybuilding champion. While the transformation to his physique during this time was significant, Chase believes the mental strength and self-control he developed in pursuit of his goals were more profound.

After graduating, he submerged himself into learning about anatomy, physiology, nutrition, competing, and coaching other athletes, and obtained every certification he could. He landed numerous fitness modeling jobs and was published on over 20 book covers with fitness industry-leading photographers Eric Battershell and Jason Ellis.

Chase began competing and acquiring championship titles throughout the National Physique Committee and national-level rankings. In 2019, he won the Classic Physique division at the Caribbean Grand Prix Bermuda, and secured his professional status in the world’s most prestigious league–The International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB),home to bodybuilding and Hollywood icons Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.

After competing as a professional, Chase made the decision to retire from bodybuilding. He wanted to impact as many lives as he could with the knowledge and skills he’d acquired. He embarked on a mission to build a team of highly-skilled and experienced professional personal trainers who share his passion for changing lives through best-in-class training. Most of the Training Specialists have degrees in kinesiology or exercise science.

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